We are a family-led company
with a long history and deep roots.

We are a tight-knit family with lots of love and laughter around the dinner table. Growing up, we ate the healthiest of what nature had to offer: fresh products from our own family farm and free-range animals. So we naturally embodied values around healthy living practices. As we all grew older and ventured out into the world, we noticed that there is an increasing need for people to go back to their roots; back to eating healthy food , conducting a more sustainable lifestyle, and recycling trash instead of throwing it away in landfills. With this in mind, Al Keyone was born to tackle daily challenges alongside 4 Key practices covering Engineering, Agri-food, Trading, and Energy.

We practice what we preach, and we preach what we practice




We let go of fear, step out of our comfort zone, and take bold actions to overcome challenges with an open mind.



We focus on modern, sustainable, and eco-friendly applications to enhance our lifestyle while preserving our heritage.




We make it easy for people to connect and communicate with us to build deep and permanent relationships.



We extend our rooted family values into the business as a powerful source of strength and continuity to shape more humanistic plans.





Introduce sustainable living habits

Empower the society to act responsibly

Take care of the